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Welcome to 1967 Supply! A space of carefully curated goods designed to expand your 

When we opened our doors in the Venice Canals District, there was really no plan. The location presented itself, and was everything I had dreamt of for DINO. An open-kitchen style layout with a "peek" into the DINO world behind a window where we incubate and create. Priority #1 for me was to create a space for DINO to thrive. We had outgrown the walk-in closet where DINO had been operating from for so many years. Both my son Dino and the brand DINO grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with me hustling in and out of downtown Los Angeles. I'm not ashamed to say that I slept in the living room, as Dino had his own special world in his bedroom, a space that was all his. As DINO the clothing brand grew, so did Dino the boy. As with so many of us entrepreneurial addicts, the resources are often slim for the luxury of space and additional hands. So we made life work. Surrounded by threads and fabric swatches and stacks of clothes, we were truly living in our own little nest of softness. But we both needed space to breathe, dream, and grow. So, in 2019 we were able to move into a 2-bedroom apartment, and in 2021 into a studio space that soon became a store - 1967 Supply. 

I was never really interested in opening a brick-and-mortar. But it happened, and we're here for it!  1967 Supply - "The Supply" - is so much more than a boutique in the heart of the Venice Canals. It's a place where stories flow on the "therapy couch," where brands doing cool and sustainable shit have a platform to shine, and where DINO the brand and Dino the boy has planted roots to grow. 

I hope you enjoy discovering that sustainable products can be utterly beautiful, captivating, and accessible all at once. As DINO Apparel, I strive to create clothing that is as versatile as it is beautiful. Clothing that is as good for the earth and humanity, as it is for your wardrobe. But clothing is just part of the journey through living softly, and I look forward to sharing some of my favorite sustainable lifestyle products with you. 

Our doors are open, and conversation is flowing. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events this holiday season! Please watch this space for updates.